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Sports milestones

The history of Sport Nenner - like everything in 1973 began to this day. From the first stone grinding machine to the new flagship store. In 6 networked premium sports shops around the Hintertuxer glacier and an online ski rental, the Sport Nenner team provides its customers with individual, competent and high-quality branded sports articles on the subject of winter and mountain sports.

Sales, rental and an all-round ski & snowboard service on the latest service machines. In addition professional advice with heart and know-how, stylish Fashion shopping uncomplicated and directly at the vacation spot: customer satisfaction is our motivation. Service is our passion. Our home, the Hintertuxer glacier region, offers wonderful conditions all year round for incomparable skiing and mountain sports experiences. “Serving pleasure with service” is the Sport Nenner motto. A motto that always accompanies the history of Sport Nenner. Follow the milestones in our company's history.

Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - 1973-Beginn Sportstall
How it all started
The history of Sport Nenner begins in 1973 when Hermann Tipotsch and his wife Helga den Hintertuxer sports stable bring into being. The company grows with the first stone grinding machine park, an acceptance point for ski service and the first mountain bike rental in the Tuxertal.
The second generation
Stefan Mader joins his uncle Hermann's small retail business as an apprentice - he has come to stay.
Aim high
The new Glacier shop opened at 2660 m above sea level. The first rental, service and exchange station including a ski depot in the ski area on the Hintertuxer Glacier is even closer to the customer. In addition, the highest fully automatic grinding robot in Europe is put into operation.
Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - Sport Nenner Altes Logo
All things new
The Hintertuxer sport stable gets a new name - SPORTS RENDER. The name of the family farm, the "Nennerhof", gives it its name.
1996 - 2001
Changes are pending
During these years, some modifications and expansions of Sport Nenner follow:
● The original business - the Fashion - is converted and expanded
● at 2100 m above sea level in the Hintertuxer glacier area Sommerberg shop opened. He also has a rental and exchange station, ski depots and a service station with another state-of-the-art service robot
● All shops are networked with each other online
● from 2001 is one Online reservation possible
1996 - 2001
Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - 2001-Talstation
Well sorted
In the Valley station of the Hintertuxer glacier, the largest sport Nenner shop to date is opened. With 340m² he has a full range, ski depots, rental and exchange station and a service robot for the most modern ski service
Deserved retirement
Hermann and Helga Tipotsch go into well-deserved retirement. The company remains in the family and is taken over by Stefan Mader.
Skiverleih Hitnertux/Tux - 2008-Lifestyle
In the heart of Hintertux
A new Sport Nenner shop opens right in the center of Hintertux - that LIFESTYLE. With casual Fashion and accessories for all snowboarders and freestylers just the thing. The shop is also equipped with ski rental and a service acceptance point.
Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - 2009-Outdoor
Close to the customer
Sport Nenner comes after Lanersbach, directly to the valley station of the Eggalmbahn - that Sport Nenner OUTDOOR opens its gates. With a large sale and rental of alpine skis to cross-country skiing equipment, Sport Fashion, as well as ski service robots and ski depot, nothing is left to be desired.
Skibuy.at - Gebrauchtskibörse von Sport Nenner
Sport Nenner goes online
With the online exchange SKIBUY.AT for used skis from Sport Nenner rental, the customer reach is expanded.
Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - 2013-Testcenter
From the slopes to business
Of the Sport Nenner glacier shop is expanded to 300 m² and gets a permanent ski test station for everyone interested in their own equipment.
Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - Sport Nenner Logo
A new face
Sport Nenner gets a new logo. With a new color and uniform appearance in all 6 locations.
Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - Sport Nenner Fashion
The new headquarters
After 5 years of planning and in just 8 months of construction, the new Sport Nenner flagship store opens in the center of Hintertux. The Sport Nenner FASHION offers on 500 m² a generous rental with ski service acceptance point as well as high-quality ski fashion and sustainable leisure clothing.
All under one roof
The expansion of the Nennerhof not only provides space for 6 spacious modern alpine apartments. He also reunites the whole Mader family under one roof and Sebastian Mader is the third generation to join the company.
6 Sport Nenner shops in Tuxertal, 40 employees - 20 year-round jobs. With service in pleasure through a lot of know-how and passion.


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