(E-) bike rental

Experience the mountains from a different perspective

if you want to go high, you can do that with an (e-) mountain bike

(E-) mountain bike

Whether with or without electronic support, it is important that the bike fits you. That's why the Sport Nenner (e-) bike rental offers you only high-quality Corratec (e-) bikes that are tailored to you and your needs!

(E-) bike is not the same as (e-) bike. Anyone who has ever been on a bike in the mountains knows that. Because in order to move safely off-road, you need a sensible mountain bike - well sprung and with the appropriate gear ratio. 

But the best (e-) mountain bike does not help if it is not tailored to the rider: frame size, saddle position, suspension, etc. must be adjusted by specialist staff. And so that you can be really sure: After each Our CORRATEC bikes are checked and serviced. This is the only way to ensure that a safe onward journey is also possible.

Whether you prefer pure muscle strength or some motor power, you can get the right mountain bike at Sport Nenner. Simply reserve a bike that is always well maintained - when you pick it up, everything is set exactly for you and off you go through the beautiful landscapes of the Tux Valley.

(E-)Bike Verleih Hintertux/Tux - E-Fully

Everyone can ride a bike - right?

A mountain bike differs from classic street bikes. Therefore, the mountain bike feels unnatural for the first time. It is all the more important that you get a flawless rental bike that invariably does the same everyone Maintenance is used! This is the only way you can fully concentrate on cycling. Incidentally, the local only drives with a helmet!


Bike tours in the Tuxertal

Did you know that there are 800 km of mountain bike trails in the entire Zillertal, all of which lead to remarkable viewpoints, leisurely refreshment stops and airy descents? So it goes high and steeply downhill on the bike tours through the Tuxertal and there much to discover. In addition, three Sport Nenner bike shops are always nearby in the Tuxertal!

Hintertux - Tuxer Joch

The evergreen in terms of Tuxertal bike trails leads from Hintertux via Sommerbergalm to Tuxer Joch at 2,310 m. Approx. 850 vertical meters & 9 kilometers. The ascent to the Sommerbergalm is also possible by train.

You can find all bike tours in the region at maps.tux.at

Looking for bike tours?

Would you like to know which bike tours are open to you in the Tuxertal?

All bike tours

On maps.tux.at you can find all bike tours in the region!
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(E) -Bike rental categories

Full suspension (Fully) and 750Wh

Premium E-Fully Range+

Our best piece - for everyone who really wants to know! The full-suspension e-mountain bike (Fully) Range+ from CORRATEC is the non plus ultra in the mountains of the Zillertal. The second spring on the rear axle makes driving downhill a pleasure. Even more power is provided here: With the 750Wh battery, you are also well equipped for long tours. 


Fully sprung

Premium e-fully

The full-suspension e-mountain bike (Fully) from CORRATEC with a 625Wh battery is just right for the mountains of the Zillertal. The second spring on the rear axle makes driving downhill a pleasure. As with our premium e-mountain bikes, only the highest quality components are used here.


even more power with 750Wh

Premium eMTB Range+

Our premium e-mountain bikes (hardtail) Range+ from CORRATEC has even more to offer. You get a premium e-bike with the highest quality drive components on the market from BOSCH. So that your tour can be longer, this e-mountain bike is equipped with a 750Wh battery and will definitely get you through your day.

Trapeze frame for easy entry!

Premium eMTB

For e-mountain bikers of all kinds. The modern way to explore our valley. Our premium e-mountain bikes (hardtail) from CORRATEC have a lot to offer. You get a premium e-bike with the highest quality drive components on the market from BOSCH. So that you don't run out of juice on your tour over the mountains, these e-bikes are equipped with powerful batteries (up to 625 Wh)! 

Light as a feather 11.5 kg!

Premium mountain bike

The alternative for athletes who prefer to let it crack without e-support. For all those who prefer to use the wadan drive and do not want to be tied to a battery: Our feather-light premium mountain bike from CORRATEC not only provides the necessary sporty appeal, but is also simply fun in every respect!

from 135 cm height!

Premium junior e-mountain bike

Attention parents: With our premium youth e-bike, your offspring are on par! E-bike tours for the whole family are therefore easily possible.

Please note: The e-mountain bike for children and teenagers can be used from 130cm height and may only be used under supervision.

E-biking with children?

The motor of an e-bike supports up to a speed of 25 km / h. What doesn't sound like much is actually pretty quick for our young professionals. We therefore point out that children and young people exclusively should ride an e-bike under supervision.

By the way: child seats are also available for hire for our youngest!

rental stations in the Tuxertal

Service with pleasure

Sport Nenner - valley station

Valley station Hintertuxer glacier

Sport Nenner - Fashion

right in the center of Hintertux

Sport Nenner - Outdoor

in Lanersbach, directly at the Eggalm Bahn

Inclusive services

(E) -Bike rental prices

Bike / days1234567+
E-MTB Range+60,00110,00140,00170,00200,00230,00230,0030,00
Youth E-MTB *30,0055,0070,0085,00100,00115,00115,0015,00
Helmet adult5,009,0013,0016,0019,0022,0022,002,00
Child seat + helmet 9,0015,0019,0023,0027,0030,0030,003,00
Subject to changes, typesetting and typing errors
*Helmet included. The minimum size according to the manufacturer's recommendation is 135 cm and the appropriate ability - in individual cases, we reserve the right not to rent the e-bike for safety reasons. Youth prices valid up to 14 years. Obligation to accompany and supervise for legal guardians

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In the event of a lockdown in Austria from Monday, November 22nd, 2021, for the announced period of Lockdowns Everyone Reservations automatically canceled and payments already made posted back. An email from you to us is therefore not necessary.

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