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Over 100 current and well-maintained ski models

Ski and ski shoe rental 365 days a year

Skis & ski boots

Choose your always freshly groomed Sport Nenner rental ski from over 100 different ski models - on site or online. What if you don't get on with the ski? We also have a service plus for this: swap easily and conveniently directly on the slopes!

Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - Skifahren

In the Sport Nenner ski rental, old models are a thing of the past. Over 100 different ski models await you in our ski rental. You do not know exactly which ski model you want? Our Sport Nenner experts will be happy to advise you and show you different alternatives - for every requirement and ability. So that the ski runs like new every time, the skis are freshly sanded and waxed by our service professionals after each rental! 

And to make sure it fits: Our shops directly on the slopes are your point of contact & exchange station if your shoes are squeezed or if the ski does not meet your requirements. 

It is not for nothing that our motto is "With service for pleasure". 

The Sport Nenner rental concept

The majority of our guests and customers ski about 7 days a year. Having your own ski is often not profitable, makes traveling difficult and who doesn't like to try something new? That is exactly why it is our goal to always offer up-to-date, high-quality and well-maintained rental equipment. We therefore permanently change a large part of our rental inventory every year. This means that guests always have the opportunity to ski new and like-new skis from the beginning of the season in October to the end of the season in April. How it works? Stefan Mader gives you an insight in this video.

always the right shoe to go with it

Anyone who stands a lot on the boards knows: Sporty and pleasant skiing starts with suitable ski boots. That is why we attach particular importance to a large number of different ski boots for hire - from narrow feet / calves to wider / stronger specimens. Many shoes also contain eggne special Boot Doc Footbrescue for even better Fit comfort, better Power transmission and more precise turns! And it's not just the fit that counts, but also the stability and sportiness of the ski boot. Here too, the range extends from comfortable to very sporty models.

Thanks to the extensive and always up-to-date rental range, our experts can always choose the right model for the foot - they are as individual as fingerprints. That is why the sport Nenner ski boot rental applies Cinderella guarantee!

Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - Skischuh Größenmessung

Sport Nenner rental process

Ski rental categories

Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - Logo Skiverleih Basic

BASIC - perfect for bargain hunters!

Skiing at a reasonable price. Perfect for bargain hunters and newcomers who are spending their first days in the snow. Skis, boots and poles for €135/week.

Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - Logo Skiverleih Advanced

ADVANCED - For beginners and those who are better

Light, forgiving ski models with solid quality. The next step after the basic set - but here with all inclusive services! Suitable for all beginners and better people. Swing for swing into skiing pleasure!

Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - Logo Skiverleih Active

ACTIVE - enjoyable skiing pleasure

Our Active category is a true all-round talent. Here you will find sporty ski models for enjoyable, ambitious skiing on all slopes. Perfectly suited for experienced and experienced skiers.

Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - Logo Skiverleih Pro

PRO - the top performance ski

Top performance skis of high quality for precise and challenging skiing in any terrain. For experts and sporty drivers with high quality standards who know what their material has to offer.

Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - Logo Skiverleih Premium

Premium - The crème de la crème

Innovative and exclusive ski models of the highest quality for mountain enjoyment all along the line. For sporty as well as comfortable riders - the créme de la créme in terms of ski equipment - without compromise.
TIP: Our premium category includes all inclusive services - for example 1 day of cross-country skiing including 5 days of premium ski rental!

Ski children & youth

For our Young winter athletes up to 17 years we also have a large selection of ski models - so that there is something for every skill level. We attach particular importance to ours Junior premium category (0-14 years): Here you will find skis, the construction of which is of a much higher quality and thus promote skiing skills. The structure of such a ski differs only slightly from high-quality adult skis (e.g. wooden core).

You can find more details in the Price list further down!

By the way: Suitable material for our young talents is important. In most cases, adolescents aged 15-17 years already need adult material. That's why Sport Nenner is available for 15-17 year olds additional 10% discount on the adult price!

Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - Logo Skiverleih Junior Premium

rental stations in the Tuxertal

Service with pleasure

Sport Nenner - valley station

Valley station Hintertuxer glacier

Sport Nenner - Sommerberg shop

1. Section Hintertuxer glacier

Sport Nenner - Glacier Shop

2. Section Hintertuxer Glacier (Tuxer Fernerhaus)

Sport Nenner - Fashion

right in the center of Hintertux

Sport Nenner - Outdoor

in Lanersbach, directly at the Eggalm Bahn

Inclusive services

Ski & ski boot rental prices

Rental category / days1234567+
basic (Skis + poles)2543596979898910
Advanced (Skis + poles)
Active (Skis + poles)377310012514916916920
Per (Skis + poles)438512015018020520525
Premium (Skis + poles)499513917920923923930
+ Ski boots (in a set)152229364350507
Rental category / days1234567+
Shoes only2233445565757510
Subject to changes, typesetting and typing errors

Ski & ski boot children & youth rental prices

Rental category / days1234567+
Ski set 0-4 years (Skis, boots + poles)101927333945456
Skis 5-10 years (Skis + poles)101927333945456
Ski set 5-10 years (Skis, boots + poles)152636435159598
Ski 11-14 years (Skis + poles)182735435159598
Ski set 11-14 years (Skis, boots + poles)2942556778898910
Premium ski 0-14 years (Skis + poles)2545597183959512
Premium ski set 0-14 years (Skis, boots + poles)3558758910411911914
Youth ski 15-17 years
(Skis + poles)
additional -10% discount on adult prices
Youth ski & youth set 15-17 years
(Skis, boots + poles)
additional -10% discount on adult prices
Shoes 0-14 years only121924293439395

Subject to changes, typesetting and typing errors

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