Common denominator

Our way into the future

Prepared for new challenges


Our world presents us with challenges and is currently undergoing major changes. In order to be prepared for the future, we have launched the COMMON DENOMINATOR project.

The challenges 50 years ago were different than today. In order to be ready as a family business for the tasks of the future, we are now looking for our team as a team COMMON DENOMINATOR. Between April 2022 and June 2022, an extensive analysis phase took place within our team to determine the status quo. We have thus laid the foundation for the further project. You can see the current status of the project in our COMMON DENOMINATOR follow blog. Right here you will find a short summary about the project.

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Skiverleih Hintertux/Tux - 1973-Beginn Sportstall

challenges of our time

To be honest: if there were no challenges, everyday life would be pretty boring. The challenges that we have all been and will be faced with in recent years are really tough.

When our family business was founded in 1973 by our senior boss Hermann and his wife Helga, the world was different - and so were their challenges (our history). Almost 50 years later, it is time to put our role as a family business on a solid footing together with our valuable team - or to put it another way: we are looking for ours COMMON DENOMINATOR.

Our role in society

In order to be able to meet current and future challenges as a team, it is important to know our role and responsibility as a family business in our society. In recent years, many of us have felt powerless or overwhelmed by developments in society as a whole - be it digitization or massive government intervention during the pandemic. 

It is therefore more important than ever to help shape our own scope of action, which we really have an influence on. Companies are more than just a source of income - after all, we spend many hours a year there. It is therefore important that this place gives you security and that you can actively help shape it. The project COMMON DENOMINATOR is intended to strengthen precisely this role of our family business.


Career in sports retail?
Our salary & career model #fairness not only gives you an orientation but also a perspective! Find out here how your salary is made up at Sport Nenner and what your opportunities for advancement are!

BGF Netzerk


After careful consideration and preparation in 2021, the project was officially launched in April 2022 COMMON DENOMINATOR. In April 2022 we started with a large analysis phase and data collection. This phase was funded by the Company health promotion (BGF). So we are a so-called WHP charter operation and at the same time have committed ourselves to deriving appropriate measures from the analysis results, which must be implemented at our own expense.

During the period of the project we will be energetic and highly professional by THE CONSULTANTS accompanied and supported. As a family business, we are proud to take this step together with our valuable team. We do not shy away from the challenges of our time self critical tackle to strengthen with a connecting COMMON DENOMINATOR to emerge from this project.


For changers and climbers

Consultant for textiles & accessories (m / f / d)

Your area of responsibility

  • Sale of textiles, shoes, protective wear, glasses & accessories
  • Sale of (sports) clothing
  • Design and presentation of the goods in the shop

Starting salary € 2,070 - € 2,250*

Skiverleih - Sport Nenner 6x in Hintertux/Tux

Team Supporter: in (m / f / d)

Your area of responsibility

  • Supporting hand in various areas
  • Administration and support of the ski depot

Starting salary €2,000 - €2,150*

Skiservice - Sport Nenner 6x in Hintertux/Tux

Service technician: in (m / f / d)

Your area of responsibility

  • Ski service on Montana service machines
  • Advice to customers about ski & snowboard service
  • Friendly and appreciative dealings with customers

Starting salary € 2,150 - € 2,450*


*Details on remuneration can be found on the respective job page. Binding information only after a personal conversation!


In the event of a lockdown in Austria from Monday, November 22nd, 2021, for the announced period of Lockdowns Everyone Reservations automatically canceled and payments already made posted back. An email from you to us is therefore not necessary.

Please note that this can take a few days. You can always find the latest information here on our website.