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Traditional ski and snowboard servicing at the Hintertux lower ski lift station

Milestones in our company’s success story

We are there for our customers, exactly where and when they need us. With our 6 connected premium sports shops all across the Hintertux Glacier, and our online ski rental service, the Sport Nenner team has taken great care of its customers since 1996, offering personalized, comprehensive services and advice, and providing high-quality winter and mountain sportswear brands.  

Purchasing opportunities, rental services and an all-round ski & snowboard servicing offer using the latest servicing technology. We also put our hearts and expertise at your disposal, and offer simple, stylish fashion shopping opportunities: customer satisfaction is what motivates us. Servicing is our passion. Our home, the Hintertuxer Glacier Region, is an amazing location that offers unrivalled skiing and mountain sports opportunities all year round. Get going with Sport Nenner and you’ll be sure to get where you want to go. “Everything you need to make the most of the slopes” is Sport Nenner’s motto. Take a look at the milestones in our successful company history. 


It all began in 1973 when uncle Herman Tipotsch and his wife, Helga, set up the Hintertux sports stall. The business grew with the opening of the first stone grinding machine facility in the Tuxer Valley, a ski servicing collection point and the first mountain bike rental service in the valley. 


In 1982, Stefan Mader began working with the small retail business as an apprentice.


The Glacier shop opened in 1989, bringing them closer to the customers with the first rental, servicing and exchange facility, with a ski depot, in the Hintertuxer Glacier skiing area. The highest-altitude automatic sharpening machine is put into operation in Europe.


The company was renamed to its current name, “Sport Nenner”.

1996 bis 2001

Company milestones between 1996 and 2001 include the opening of the SOMMERBERG shop, with a large ski depot and another sharpening machine, and the introduction of our online network system that connects all our shops to each other.  


We installed our online reservation system for renting skis. Our largest Sport Nenner shop, with a ski depot and the latest sharpening machine, was opening at the Hintertux Glacier lower ski lift station. 


We opened the LIFESTYLE shop, an outlet selling casual fashion and accessories for freestylers and snowboarders. 


Sport Nenner welcomed its customers in Lanersbach into a larger rental, servicing and exchange facility with a ski depot, incl. cross-country ski rental.  


we founded SKIBUY.AT, an online platform for selling second-hand skis from our rental service.


Now it’s 2016, and we have 6 shops in the Hintertux Glacier area, 40 employees, 20 full-time employees, and great expertise.