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Boot fitting – we adjust your ski boots for you

100% guarantee that the boot will fit you perfectly

Feet aching from skiing? It doesn’t have to be that way! We will conjure you up some ski boots that really fits. Promise. That’s what boot fitting is for. Exclusive to all Sport Nenner branches, or use the innovative Fischer Vacuum Fit System in the LOWER SKI LIFT STATION branch or in the GLETCHER shop.

Bespoke ski boots

Our ski boot service makes it possible

Expert tip

Sport Nenner recommend the insole ‘FormthoticsTM’.


 If your boots are pinching, the high-tech Fischer Vacuum Fit method works some real magic. Thanks to boot adjustments designed to fit to your individual anatomy, your boots will be as comfortable as they possible can be, at peak safety and performance. Try it out yourself. Using our selection of Fischer models from the Vacuum Fit series, Salomon models from the Customer Fit series, Atomic models from the Memory Fit series, or Nordica models from the Tri Fit series, Sport Nenner 100% guarantees we will find a boot that fits perfectly. That also applies to all other ski boot models in our selection. We’ll adjust your ski boot of choice manually to fit your feet. Your 100% satisfaction is in our interest.

Expert tip: Sport Nenner recommend the insole ‘FormthoticsTM’. Developed by sports physicians, this insole supports your feet while wearing ski boots by adapting to your anatomy using body heat. Knocks to your ski are better absorbed, pain and pressure marks avoided, and stability increased. Additionally this high-tech sole, made in New Zealand, keeps your feet warm. Three variations for different activities and performance demands are available. The Dual High product is available in Sport Nenner’s selection. 

Exclusively at Sport Nenner

Fischer Vacuum Fit Technology = 100% perfect fit
Ski boots adjusts to fit your anatomy perfectly
Previously unattainable levels of comfort and quality
Perfect fit
Zero pain while skiing
Better safety thanks to greater precision and better hold

Getting the most from the slopes all day long